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Eric Bailey’s guiding principles can be summed up in three words – Visualize, Adapt, Persist. Whether creating a successful business or the life of your dreams, the outcome you truly desire is not something that happens magically – you need a clear picture of what it is and what it looks like. Eric has helped over 1.5 million people craft visions for themselves and their organizations and manifest these into reality!

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A proud Australian with successful careers in professional sport, executive management and sales, Eric draws on his unique life experiences and a wealth of knowledge in the field of personal and organizational excellence to create powerful and inspiring presentations. With presence and personality, he commands a room like few can.

He has delivered his messages of motivational and health across media channels as host of a radio show for 3 years, writer of the weekly newspaper column “Body and Soul” and he has appeared on television as an ex-pro athlete and expert in the field of personal development.

Eric has delivered talks and training sessions to many multinational corporations, including Nike, McDonald’s, Ford, Nissan, Reebok, Toshiba and Canon, to name a few. He has also brought uplifting, youth-focused messages to students at hundreds of schools around the world.

The visionary power of Eric Bailey is poised to transform your next meeting or conference into something extraordinary.

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