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His bright wide smile and crafty ability to entertain, is a trademark that has shot him to the top of TV’s ‘most watchable’ list. Young, energetic and brimming with street credibility, the Seven presenter’s youthful appeal makes him hot property for young or lively audiences. Grant Denyer is a bankable regular host of corporate events, press conferences, launches and personal appearances. His fresh, comfortable and professional delivery makes Grant’s events an easy listening fun affair, not a function to fall asleep at.

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Traveling the great Australian outback and telling exciting tales has become his speciality, where his daily reports take you through some of the most difficult land you’ll ever see. Baron red desert centre of Australia to small near-deserted towns, to the farming lands to the most wild & obscure Australian wilderness.

Denyer doesn’t let much get in his way. Even dangerously high flood waters didn’t prevent this guy from riding his motorbike to the very tip of Australia.. Denyer has fast become the household name to watch..

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