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Jessica Watson set out to become the youngest person to sail solo non-stop and unassisted around the World. Since Joshua Slocum first sailed singlehanded around the world in the late 1890s, sailors of all nationalities and ages have been drawn to this ultimate challenge: The Everest of sailing. Slocums epic tale of his voyage, Sailing Alone Round the World, has captivated a global audience of readers for over a hundred years.

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Following on, record-breaking solo circumnavigations by heroes like Francis Chichester and Robin Knox-Johnston have captured the attention and the hearts of people all over the world.

Inspired in her turn by Kay Cottee, the first woman to sail solo non-stop unassisted around the world and by Jesse Martin, the youngest person to do so, Jessica Watson set her sights on beating Jesses achievement and stopped the nation when she sailed back into Sydney Harbour on 15 May, 2010.

Jessica hopes to continue to inspire our youth, other adventurers and everyone with a dream in their heart.

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