Keith Abraham (QLD)


About Keith Abraham (QLD)

Keith Abraham CSP is a best selling author and one of Australia’s most passionate and in demand professional conference speakers. He has been described in Time Magazine as Australia’s up and coming inspirational speaker.

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Keith shares easy-to-implement, proven strategies that have a profound effect on audiences and encourages them to execute ideas that make a positive impact on their lives.

Abraham delivers substance that is relevant to the real world of business and the challenging personal times you face every day. His presentations are studded with relevant facts, gems of wisdom and amusing anecdotes. This ensures that every member of the audience will take away time proven strategies and at least one important concept home with them.

One of the things that makes Keith different from many keynote speakers is he preaches what he has already practiced in a multitude of businesses. Keith is an entertaining and inspirational business speaker who uses every means available to make his message memorable, practical and thought provoking.

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