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Lauren Jackson is the epitome of women’s basketball in Australia, following in the footsteps and carrying on the traditions of grand mentors in the likes of Michele Timms, Rachael Sporn, and her mother Maree. These pioneers paved the way for Australian basketball to excel on the international stage, and Lauren stepped into the spotlight to lead her contemporaries and future generations to come with inspiration.

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A leader by example, Jackson’s work ethic and emotional divulgence into the game she so clearly loves is left on court for all to witness in awe and wonder. From Australia to Korea, to the USA and across Europe, Lauren has left a lasting impression wherever she plays. Her athleticism, ability, attitude, strength, and above all her passion, contribute to the phenomenal player and ambassador that she is for the game worldwide.

What the future holds is anyone’s guess, but the legacy Lauren Jackson is building will be remembered for generations to come. At the time of American dominance in the sport, Lauren showed the world a country girl from down under has every right and capability to mix it with the best, and even become part of the elite selection of players that will be reflected upon as the greatest of all time.

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