Lisa McInnes-Smith (NSW)


About Lisa McInnes-Smith (NSW)

Lisa McInnes-Smith is a specialist keynote presenter and vibrant ambassador into corporate Australia. Her passion is Peak Performance – propelling groups, teams and leaders to new levels of achievement and strategic competence. Business development through personal growth is inspired and locked-in by Lisas unique teaching techniques.

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The result: purpose-driven people who will in turn relate to and inspire those around them.

High energy, audience-involving presentations have hallmarked Lisa as one of the most successful business keynote speakers in Australia, and the world. She has been wowing audiences for 25 years, and is the first speaker outside North America to be inducted into the international Speaker Hall of Fame.

Lisa offers a range of motivating and inspirational presentations, including: 1. Lead, Follow or Get Out of The Way! 2. Sticky Teams! How to Create Teams That Stick the Course. 3. Stick At It! How To Build Winning Relationships. 4. We All Have What it Takes… But Where is it? 5. The Womens Room.

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