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Lochie Daddo is a television and radio presenter, actor, media personality and corporate presenter whose warmth, wit and humour have proved be a winning combination. His energy, style and clever repartee make Lochie hot property in the corporate arena as a video presenter, guest speaker, master of ceremonies or host for conferences, product launches and award ceremonies.

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From a career that has included nightly live stage performances and live television and radio, Lochie has learned to expect the unexpected and to think on his feet -skills he has honed to perfection.

An adventurer at heart, Lochie has an admirable love for life and exploration that has endeared him to a loyal Australian audience. He exudes an aura of comfortable familiarity and the promise of a good time to come.

He is the consummate professional and knows how to bring out the best in people from all walks of life. Lochie at the helm means your event will flow smoothly and enjoyably. Audiences love him.

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