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About Michelle Bowden (NSW)

If you have a team of people who need to hear the word “yes” more often from their customers, staff or leaders then you need Michelle Bowden! Michelle uses her expertise to help people achieve their potential in life through confident, clear and influential communication. She teaches influence skills that lead to “yes”!

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If you are in sales – she’ll help you to pitch your message with influence so people want to buy your products or services.

If you’re in leadership – then she’ll show you how to influence your team so they are motivated and inspired to live your organisation’s values.

If you’re in customer service – she’ll show you how to communicate with your clients so they feel part of your tribe and supported by your business.

In short – she’s an authority on how to communicate with influence for results.

Michelle is one of only 25 female Certified Speaking Professionals in Australia. Nominated for the past three years for Educator Award for Excellence she is renowned for achieving results through learning and laughter.

Michelle has a “hot pink”, passionate, entertaining, and highly interactive approach to her presentations that ensures behavioural change every time.

If you are looking for a speaker who can energise, entertain and provide fundamental business skills for your conference group so that their brilliance shines out and you reap the profits, then Michelle is the perfect speaker for you.

Get ready to be informed, entertained and disarmed!

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