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Sydney-born, LA-based swimwear model and entrepreneur Natasha Oakley is idolized worldwide for her natural beauty and relaxed beach-chic style. Best known as one half of the ‘A Bikini A Day duo’ (alongside her best friend Devin Brugman with whom she runs the popular website), multi-faceted Natasha counts Model, Presenter, Designer, Producer, Entrepreneur and Digital Influencer amongst her many talents and credits.

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Through the success of A Bikini A Day, Natasha acquired a large following and fan base on her social media platforms, who demanded more of the ‘everyday Natasha’. With strong interest in her daily style, health and beauty secrets, along with her travel adventures, Natasha formed the ‘Natasha Oakley Blog’ to share her broader life passions – style, travel, photography and health – with her highly engaged audience.

Natasha has a unique sense of style that mixes a relaxed beachchic look reminiscent of Hawaii, Los Angeles, Miami and Sydney, with modern high-fashion trends inspired by New York and Paris. She believes and demonstrates that women of all shapes and sizes can look chic by embracing their curves and dressing for their body type.

Nathasha and Devin’s latest project is their very own swimwear label – Monday Swimwear – a collection they designed together, inspired by their constant search for that everyday, stylish yet comfortable ‘go-to bikini’.

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