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The Pantastic Steelband was established in Noosa (Sunshine Coast, Qld) in 1998 by Clive Stead and Matt Davies. Both grew up in Trinidad, home of steelpan instruments and calypso music. The band started life as a 5 piece but has grown into a 9 piece, with three Trinidadians in its ranks. From the start, Pantastic has aimed at creating an authentic Trinidad- style of music tailored to suit local audiences. While calypso and soca music alone is fine in Trinidad, Australian audiences need to hear more familiar songs.

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Consequently, our repertoire incorporates a wide range of material from the pop, jazz, calypso, reggae and latin repertoire, as well as some original pieces from our own band members. The music exudes an atmosphere of sunshine and ‘good-vibes’ which has a captivating appeal to all ages, making Pantastic the perfect choice for parties, weddings, markets, festivals and any occasion that celebrates life. The strong rhythmical drive of the music can compel the most indolent to their feet! Pantastic is unique in Australia, being the only professional steelband of its size in the country.

Since the middle of 2008 we have been very fortunate to have the services of Lennox Jordan, one of Trinidad’s leading steelband arrangers, join our ranks. Lennox is a second generation steelpan maker/tuner and is responsible not only for keeping our instruments in tune but also for developing the bands authentic Trinidad style of arranging. He has been the musical arranger of Fascinators Steel Orchestra, one of Trinidad’s leading steelbands, for the past 10 years. As well as arranging material for us, Lennox is also a brilliant pan player and percussionist, bringing the authentic sound of Trinidadian steelpan music to the band.

Other band members of particular note are: Kenny ”G” Griffith. Kenny not only has the credentials of having been born in Trinidad and playing drums and pans in steelbands for the last 50 years, he also has personality and charm in spades. Everybodys ‘favourite’, it’s almost shameful the way Kenny attracts adoring crowds of fans wherever he goes! No performance would be complete without one of Kenny’s famous “scat” drum solos.

Shaz Brown was one of Pantastic’s lucky finds. In 1999, when the band was looking to expand, she stepped forward to join the ranks. Bringing her enthusiasm and interest in steelpans with her, Shaz very quickly learned to play the Lead (tenor) pan and began to make her mark within the band. Not only a strong player, Sharon has written several pieces for the band, some of which we have recorded on our second CD, Martin’s Bar. Most of these pieces were inspired by a visit she made to Trinidad in ‘04 to observe the steelbands preparing for Carnival.

Matt Davies, the third Trinidadian in the band, grew up within earshot of his neighbourhood steelband. For much of the year the band rehearsed at nights and he would go to bed to the accompaniment of their sweet music. Consequently, pan music is in his blood and he is passionate about the music.

The other members of the band are a mixed group of seasoned musicians and amateurs who have all fallen under the spell of these fascinating instruments and the wonderful sound they create. Pantastic has earned a reputation for providing a high standard of performance and entertainment over many years. We have performed at most of the major resorts, events, markets and festivals in SE Qld, as well as having made 3 successful tours to Melbourne to play at significant events.

In conclusion, Pantastic captures the quintessential sound of the Caribbean. The band has wide audience appeal, creating a happy, festive atmosphere with their catchy melodies and exciting rhythms. If the rhythms don’t get you, then the melodies will. So, if you’re looking for entertainment that’s really different, Pantastic delivers it.

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