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Rachael Bermingham is the highest selling self-published female author in Australia. Collectively she has sold over 2.5 million copies of her books in just 3 years!

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A born entrepreneur, her professional career commenced at age 19 when she opened her first business (a hair salon) before experiencing an array of exciting careers including diving, shark feeding and travel consultancy before her passion for helping others to succeed and transform their goals into achievements evolved in the form of authoring books and becoming a motivational speaker.

Rachael’s talent for growing businesses from home using low cost (sometimes no cost) marketing strategies around family commitments, time management and effective goal setting strategies lead her to become a popular trainer and mentor to women in six countries, as well as one of Australias most inspiring keynote speakers.

A spirited, energetic and enthusiastic mum, she co-wrote and self-published her 1st book Read My Lips (a motivational book for women on how to achieve their goals) while breastfeeding her son Jaxson, co-wrote her 2nd book 4 Ingredients during his day sleep times and has co written her 3rd book 4 Ingredients 2 during his night sleep and when her husband was home, and has just finished her 4th book How to write your own book & make it BESTSELLER and 5th book 4 Ingredients Gluten Free. In addition, Rachael also still successfully co-manages 4 Ingredients, Read My Lips, from her home office.

When Rachaels not working on new books, speaking at events, whipping up something fabulous in the kitchen, doing numerous interviews, or marketing her businesses she can be found enjoying what she loves most; chillaxing at home with husband Paul (a house renovator), gorgeous son Jaxson and her fabulous group of fun loving friends and family soaking up the spectacular sun, surf and sand of the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

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