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Telly Benetatos was the first bouzouki player to introduce bouzouki floor shows into special occassions. He has been performing and has touched the hearts of many through music from the age of 7 years old. He has performed both in Greece and in many parts of Australia. Telly has performed at clubs, restaurants, concerts, exhibitions, corporate functions, festivals and at many personal functions including weddings, christenings, birthdays etc.

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  Telly has performed in DJ Krazy Kon’s CD releases of ‘Pos Kaneis Etsi’, and the remix of ‘Ime Anevasmenos’ where he not only played bouzouki but was also the vocalist. He also accompanied Maria Stavropoulos with his amazing talent of the bouzouki in the recorded sountrack of ‘Kounato’.   Telly has 30 years of experience as a bouzouki player and a singer, and he has also been teaching people of all ages to play the bouzouki for the last decade.   So whatever it is that you require for your special occasion, Telly is able to organise a band to suit your needs, or come and perform a breathtaking floor show either as a solo artist or with the accompaniment of a toumberleki player, or a greek dancing group.

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