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Background: Set in 490 BC India, during the era of Buddha and Mahavir Jain, this musical theatre production in an Uday Shankar ballet style is based on a story from Buddhist and Jain folklore. Through a dynamic performance of Indian classical dance, music, multimedia and Hindi dialogues, Australian-based internationally renowned dance directors Raghavan Nair and Poornima Sharma weave the emotions of power, greed, love, loss, betrayal, and victory through a captivating rendition of this story. Thematic Analysis: The theme of non-violence and karmic destiny is predominant in this production. On one side is Bimbhisar who saves the life of a baby, but is then killed by the same baby who ironically was his own son. Bimbhisar is satisfied with his life and at peace. Ajatshatru is proud and ambitious and is unable to trust anyone, not even his innocent father. He doesn’t know peace until he let’s go of his ego.

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This dance-drama production expands on the Buddhist notion of “life is suffering” – the “dukkha” which in our everyday life this equates not to hunger or death, but this pervasive sense of dissatisfaction or uneasiness in life. We have an unending need to desire things we don’t have and want to rid ourselves of things we have but dislike. No matter how much we have, we will still continue to purchase more. Even our families will tell us “Never settle – go and fulfil your dreams”. But, does that mean we are doomed to never feel satisfied? This dance drama addresses a very modern question of what it means to have satisfaction, and what it means to be ambitious, and how we need to balance the two. It is an emotion that is easily relatable for the audience in Australia. The dance production has 25 dancers of multicultural background.

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