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Rahni Sadler is a reporter for Sunday Night, the flagship program in Seven’s news and public affairs line up. She joined the show full time in January 2010, after filing a series of guest reports in 2009. Rahni had a jam packed 2010, swimming with and studying the rare behaviour of Dwarf Minke Whales off Port Douglas, riding a jetski down ten metre waves with a group of fearless surfers, commentating live from the canonization of Mary Mackillop in Rome, holding the hand of singer Chrissie Amphlett as she underwent life saving treatment for breast cancer and spending a week in Queensland with transsexual Australian soldier Bridget Clinch and her unflinchingly loyal wife Tammy.

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In her first year with Sunday Night, Rahni along with producer Rebecca LaTourneau was awarded the Medicines Australia/National Press Club award for Excellence in Health Journalism for “The Vanishing”. The story followed the lives of two young mothers devastated by early onset Alzheimer’s and introduced the groundbreaking work of Perth doctor Ralph Martins who is close to finding a genetic marker to identify the devastating disease before its onset. Rahni comes to Sunday Night after seven years working as an Australian news correspondent in the United States. After moving to Los Angeles in 2003 Rahni covered election campaigns, natural disasters, celebrity highs and lows and thousands of other fascinating stories.

In 2005, Rahni spent two weeks at the scene of Hurricane Katrina and she was among a small group of journalists who were flown into Guantanamo Bay in Cuba for the trial of David Hicks. Rahni reported live as Heath Ledger’s body was removed from his Manhattan apartment and she was fortunate enough to cover the Oscars six times on the Red Carpet. Being a former Political Science major with a passion for American history and politics, Rahni lists covering the US Election in 2008 as “far and away the highlight of her career”.

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