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Vospertron specializes in the creation of shows for the corporate world and arts/music festivals. The company has toured around the world since 2001 in countries such as Australia, Vietnam, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, China, Japan, Malaysia, Egypt, Algeria, Venezuela, Fiji, New Zealand, India, France, Kuwait, United Kingdom, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Macau and Qatar.

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Vospertron creates a unique performance for every client, based around their theme, staging and projection requirements. This can range from completely redeveloped costumes, graphics, choreography and music, to a simple logo or slogan insertion to an existing show.

Vospertron was founded by Peter Vosper, an engineer, graphic designer and dancer that decided to create his own company to develop this collaboration. His interest and techniques for electroluminescent costumes grew during the years, making Vospertron to become one of the most respected neon performance groups worldwide.

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