Wayne Shapiro

MC Sydney & NSW

About Wayne Shapiro

Wayne Shapiro has that innate ability to engage his audience with his quick wit and professionalism and this is what makes him the perfect fit for your event. Whether it be an audience of 20 or 2000, white collar or blue collar, his pace, humour and attention to detail mean that your audience will be engaged from beginning to end.

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Wayne has been speaking for well over a decade. Well, technically, he has been speaking for over 40 years, but his public speaking career is over 13 years’ old.

Many of the areas that clients find frustrating are areas of expertise for Wayne. Attention to detail, time management and a thorough understanding of what the client expects. These are what drive Wayne to provide the best, no matter what the event. He is the lynchpin to making a live event run smoothly and successfully.

As the founder and owner of Trivia Madness in 2002, Wayne has developed an all-round range of skills that will make your event the success that it deserves to be. He has delivered to thousands of clients a level of professionalism and engagement that is absolutely sought after in any industry.

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